Artisan Crafted Leather
From The Heart Of Tuscany

Rudy & Lou offer a unique range of collars, leads, harnesses, pet carriers, beds and accessories in a massive range of beautiful designs. Choose from double braided rope or canvas, waxed leather or patterned leather, Swarovski embellished or plain, there is something to suit all tastes.

Eric the Dog

A little bit about the name Eric and Co ...

Some of you may remember back in February 2016 Eric became quite the little celebrity.

He was badly attacked by another dog and went missing for 24 hours with a very bad wound. All of Thetford pulled together and helped us to find him. An amazing dog, Button found him, hurt and scared.

This is where the long journey of recovery began with the amazing Paul Jarman Veterinary Practice in Feltwell and Greenwood and Brown Veterinary Clinics in Pontefract.

Every person that cared for Eric did it with compassion and love and did an absolute amazing job.

We will always be eternally grateful for everything and the fact he is still here and still the adorable little boy he always has been ... he is also coming up to the ripe old age of 11!!

Eric is loved by everyone in the office and fits in perfectly with our crazy work family.

So why not name a business after the little old man?!

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